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A repository of articles that amplify recording studio atmosphere, work flow, performance tricks, etc...

Why Arthur Schopenhauer thought music was the greatest artform

Arthur Schopenhauer thought Music is labelled a “Universal Language". There's good reason for that.

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Article by Big Think / High Culture @
Photo by Schäfer @ Wikipedia

The Musician's Role

The Subjectivity of Music: Exploring the Role of Musicians and Listeners

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Article by kEnT
Photo by Atikh Bana @ Unsplash

Stage Performance Tips for Singers + What You Should Never Do

Making a successful go in any form of live entertainment typically involves performing on stage. There are a lot of cool things you can do on stage while performing as well as things you should never do.

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Article by Chris Grayston @
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Spotify's "Best Advice"

Music's biggest give tips on career and creativity

Highest Quality Audiophile Music

Listen for the quality, stay for the song.

Yes, it won't compare to the non-compressed WAV/AIFF version, but YouTube's compression algorithm (likely 128kbps) isn't half bad.

Combating Stage Fright

Stage Fright. Performance Anxiety. Shakes & Jitters...

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Article by Tony Bouma @

Tuques? Toques? Touques?

Is it tuque, toque or touque? The answer is... Yes!

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Article by ~ Author Unknown
Photo by Charles Deluvio @ Unsplash