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Ten Foot Tuque .:. Let Yøu In

Let Yøu In showcases the talent of skilled local musicians. Scroll down to see a list of the contributing musicians and to view a collage of moments captured during the recording sessions.
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Ten Foot Tuque is a blues/rock band from Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. We dish out a locally brewed sound that will satisfy any guitar-driven blues/rock music fan. Our live performances are a dynamic fusion of catchy originals mixed with electrified covers from iconic artists of the 60s to today. This unique blend of old and new creates a fresh twist, delivering a captivating and unexpected musical experience.
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Original unaltered photo by unsplash-logoNathan Dumlao
All of the music on this album was written, produced, engineered, and mastered by kEnT, with the exception of the following songs:

"Circles": solos by Grant, drums by Mike
"Straight Shooter": drums by Mike
"HWY1": drums by Mike
"Dying In July": drums by Mike
"Gravity": drums by Mike
"Revving Thieves": drums by Mike
"The View From Here": drums by Mike
"Live It Up": solos by Grant, drums by Mike
"Lakefront View": solos by Grant, drums by Mike
"Time Away": vocals by Dizzy, solos by Grant, bass by Kirby, drums by Mike

These talented musicians contributed to the unique sound of the album and added an extra layer of depth to the music.